Best 2 Accredited Online School Bachelor's Degree programs

The programs we gathered for you today offer the most essential elements every online student is looking for. They are all of the high academic quality and a lot other flexible options that concerns student on their quest to find the right school for them.

1- University of Florida

  • Academic Ranking Score: 89.79
  • Graduation Rate: 87%
  • Location: Gainesville, Florida
The University of Florida accepts both fresh and transfer students. It provides up to 200 different online programs with whole a lot of flexible options. Available bachelor’s degree at the University of Florida includes; anthropology, geology-biology, psychology, criminology, geography,  and sociology.
Most courses are not conveyed at the same time. So that students can enroll in other part-time programs. The fees and tuitions are fairly acceptable and affordable. Financial aids are also available for entitled students.

2- University of Central Florida

  • Ranking Score: 75.49
  • Graduation Rate: 69%
  • Location: Orlando, Florida
This well-established university is currently serving over 63,000 students.  Many of them are long-distance students. The online courses for the Online School Bachelor's Degree programs are presented by the same teachers and professors who serve at the university campus. This school offers 18 bachelor's degree programs for all online undergrads. Available specializations include Arts bachelor’s degrees in the following core subjects; history, English and political science. Other fields and specializations are; conflict and communication and Latin American studies.