The business administration degree online is one of the most popular certificates among students. and that's because it develops the skills of the individual in accounting and management for companies and other business enterprises. where the professors develop the students' creative thinking skills and their ability to plan for future projects. and the student can specialize in different branches of the business management Such as financial accounting, finances, economics, information systems, and other business administration departments.
Average Salary for Internet Business Administration Degree Holders:
  • Operations Manager $ 60,000
  • Store manager selling $ 40,000
  • Office Manager $ 45,000

The best universities for obtaining a business administration degree online

  • University of Pennsylvania
Founded in 1855. studies include financial accounting, economics and information systems subjects. The program is a full 120 credit hours. the Pennsylvania State University has obtained accreditation from the Association of Colleges and Schools recently. It is considered the number one university for students who aspire to hold a degree in Business Administration
  • Temple University, Fox Business School
Founded in 1884, it is a comprehensive research university with many faculties. It also has an online business administration school for those who can not attend university. They can choose from several departments such as accounting, business administration, and human resources management. The University of Temple has also been accredited by the Central States Committee for Higher Education.
  • University of Iowa College of Business Henry
A public research university founded in 1847, ranked No. 4 in the for attaining an online Bachelor of Business Administration. The BA program includes an introduction to marketing strategy, Information Systems, Introduction to Management and Introduction to Business Law and Operations Management. The Business administration Program includes 120 credit hours. It was granted accreditation from the North Central Association.

  • University of Arizona
A research university established in 1885. it's among the largest public universities in the US and was ranked No. 5 among the best universities for online business administration degree. The business administration program includes many subjects in the course program such as human resource management, risk management, and insurance, financing institutions and purchasing services.