Skipping college doesn’t mean that you can’t get your bachelor’s degree anymore. Now, there are many available options for going back to school and earning an accredited online degree. If you decided to pursue a college career, there are many involved steps in the process.

1- Choosing The School I Want To Get My Bachelors Degree Online At

  • Deciding on what you want to specialize in.
Some online students may have earned previous degrees and now aspire a career shift. And others are undergrads who still needs to decide their majors. It doesn't matter which one of them is you.
  • Find an established school that offers online programs
Most large universities offer curriculums for international students. And most importantly that some schools offer a low-cost residency option that you may consider if you can sometimes commute.
  • Avoid non accredited online programs
To guarantee that you’ll receive a high-quality education with a degree you can use afterward, you must first do your homework and find out whether the school you've selected is a legitimate accredited one or is it just a technical school.
  • Abate your choices
Narrow down your list into the top two or three schools. Make notes for the pros and cons of each college. And finally, choose upon your research elements.

2- The Enrollment Process
  • After filling out your enrollment application. You’ll probably be interviewed online or/and a brief resume will be required. Few questions will be personal and the majority will be about your educational background and expertise.
  • Pay the online application fees.
  • Send any required documents. Ex; high school certificates, IDs, GED, etc.
  • Wait for admission results which is usually within 2-4 weeks after applications
  • If you get accepted, you’ll have to pay tuitions to confirm and seal your enrollment. And receive any materials access or passwords.