Social workers are a dedicated professional who may sacrifice their personal lives for the sake of serving others. They can play a distinct rule and help in solving some of the crucial problems for countless people. An online social work degree is what brought the best in those professional talents and love to help others. As the course of such program help students by providing social, hands-on, and even a little bit clinical expertise to enhance and upgrade their skills in order to build a person who is affectionate, effective and well-prepared to socially and mentally work in the field.

Main Courses Involved In The Social Work Program Include:

  • Social And Economic Development
  • Mental Health And Wellbeing
  • Advanced Clinical Social Work Practices
  • Social Policy Practice
  • Contemporary Social Issues
1- The University Of Alabama
  • Financial Aid  Up To %53 Of  Total Fees
  • Graduation Rate: 67%
  • School Ranking Score: 99.80
An online social work degree  is going to prepare students for serving in a number of public and private organizations such as hospitals, government agencies, schools and colleges, and court systems. The clinical part of the online study must be prepared and interviewed at the campus. Online students who are resident of Alabama or the near states can benefit from the faculty-led research and experience and work for some of the community-centered campus organizations.  Most classes are available at both campus or online.

2- University Of Alaska Fairbanks 
  • Financial  Aid Up To %43 Of Total Fees
  • Graduation Rate: 33%
  • School Ranking Score: 98.29
Online social work degree at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is a well-established program that qualifies students to be skilled social workers in the field of mental health, family, senior citizens and child services. This program grants 120 credits upon completion.

3- Washburn University
  • Financial Aid Up To %58 Of Total  Fees
  • Graduation Rate34%
  • School Ranking Score: 95.89
Students must complete a minimum of 480 hours of practicum work and a minimum of 240 hours for every semester in their senior year at the program in Washburn University. Students of this school have a 91% pass rate, compared to the average of only 71 percent for other schools across North America in 2018.