Your request for work should attract the attention of your future president, but this has become difficult to investigate when your request comes amid hundreds of papers and other requests, so asking for help from specialists is the right way to help you write your application. Although there is a formal way to apply, this has not prevented some creators from designing another way to draw attention to their requests.

If you are looking for ideas to improve your employment request or you would like to know what some people might do to get a chance, here's a report on ways to find work from the Middle East.

The direct route
Lindsey Blaweil wanted to get a job as a media manager for the University of Michigan, instead of submitting a traditional job application that created a website and put her CV in an innovative and attractive way, she added, a video addressed to Lisa Rodger, vice chancellor of the university. Lindsey didn't have the job, but she had a personal interview.

Use of different means of communication
Grammys Anthony, a public relations practitioner, uploaded an interactive video on YouTube with all his job information from previous experiences and skills. Next to the main objective of the video is the presentation of Anthony's professional data. The video showed Anthony's skill in using modern techniques, Anthony got a job thanks to this interactive video.

Some employers prefer business letters that show a person's sincerity and passion for this work rather than a flowery request, and an unknown person has been given a chance to train on Wall Street thanks to an honest short speech that included his real experiences and demonstrated his passion for the field.

Simple design can help a lot
Alice used her design skills and designed an interactive website outlining her CV. Alice's location was not just a reason to get a job in Instagram, but also a partnership with another company after she talked to Cui Kevin Sestrom.

Use the same product
Sometimes all you need to add to your CV is to show your knowledge of the product that the company you want to work with. Hannah van has used a slide show program when presenting her CV to a slide show design company. The design of the van won the admiration of the employers and hired them.

Use ADS to your advantage
Many of us have searched for their name on Google at least once, perhaps in order not to exploit our name illegally. Brwanten took advantage of this idea as he linked his name to advertisements about creative filmmakers. He also linked his name to the names of some of the directors so that his ad appears when a director searches for himself on Google.

The text of the Brunswick declaration is  "Searching for your name in Google Fun, as well as hiring is fun too ". The Brunswick Declaration led to a job in new York, and the ad cost just $6!! Isn't it a great idea!!!!