University specialization is what students are looking for in the pre-university stages, and every student dreams of a particular course of study, and among the determinants of this in some countries is that students have high grades in the general secondary school, but at the moment private universities have become a typical solution To the problem that the students have suffered in the past years, and without a doubt that the regularity of specialization according to the student's desire enhances the place of scientific research in general, since the student in that case has a feeling of mental comfort, and then access to the stage of creativity, and we will learn about this The article is on the top disciplines in the world.

Language specialization:
With the openness we are witnessing among the countries of the world, interest in language specialization, especially English, has increased as the world's first language, so that specialization is one of the top disciplines in the world.

Social Service Specialization:
The specialization of social service is one of the top disciplines in the world, although the demand for that specialization has been limited in the past period, the need for that activity has called for attention in all countries, given the societal problems that afflict everyone.

Marketing Specialty:
Marketing is currently the mainstay of financial or commercial business, and without it there will be no importance to work, many marketing tools have emerged in the light of technological modernity, and marketing specialization is one of the top disciplines in the world.

Computer specialization:
Computer specialization is an important specialty at the moment, there is no individual who does not use the computer, either at work or at home, and falls under the specialization of computer programming, operation and Maintenance.... The study of the computer is one of the top disciplines in the world.

Specialization of psychology:
The specialty of psychology is one of the top disciplines in the world, it is the science that focuses on studying all the psychological aspects of the human being, and then overcoming the various difficulties that he suffers from.

Accounting specialization
Accounting is a science that includes studying how to record financial transactions related to commercial activities in general, and the science of accounting is no longer limited to manual registration in records and books, but it is a development, and the modern techniques became the mainstay of it, so the study Accounting is currently involved in identifying everything that is new, accounting specialization is currently one of the top disciplines in the world, given the dominance of capitalist systems in modern societies.

Engineering Specialization:
Engineering science is one of the interesting sciences that a large class of students are looking for, and the specialization of engineering is divided into several classifications such as: Mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, architecture, Computer engineering, Electronics engineering... The study of engineering in most countries of the world begins with an introductory year, followed by a study of the above-mentioned specialization, and is the specialization of engineering of the top disciplines in the world.

Specialty Medicine:
Management specialization: The department's specialization is among the top disciplines in the world, there is no institution or organization at the moment that does not need modern management systems that would yield to the achievement of institutional goals, through planning, systems, guidance and oversight, which are the key elements Of management, which must be done harmoniously, and those frameworks should have a correct scientific study.

Specialization of the Law:
Positive law differs from one state to another, and the need for that specialization increases, and there are those who prefer it to other disciplines, which is one of the top disciplines in the world.