Construction and building engineering fields

Have you ever wondered why the paper plane you are designing in the house has fallen after flying for a few seconds in the room atmosphere? Have you ever wondered why a plane has to stay in the sky for long hours? The answers to these questions are the abilities and knowledge that each designer has for these planes. The kite designer has very simple skills, while the real plane designer has very great engineering and cognitive skills. This engineering field is divided into several areas, including: Aerospace engineering, this type of engineer handles the plane flying in our atmosphere, aerospace engineering, and this type of engineers deals with space planes, which fly outside our atmosphere. There are avionics engineers, who deal with electrical and electronic parts of the aircraft and spacecraft such as navigation and control systems.

Automotive engineering is an interdisciplinary or complex engineering function as well. This specialization focuses on the design and manufacture of automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles and other engines. In fact, there is a geometric imprint of engineers in various areas of life, which requires engineering skills in the field of electricity, electronics, mechanics and software. Civil engineering is also one of the most widespread engineering areas of our time. Civil engineers are the people responsible for building buildings, dams, bridges, huge stadiums and all kinds of construction projects.

Chemical Engineering, Bio-technology engineering and mechanical Engineering

Of engineering disciplines that require very high specialized skills, and a fairly different scientific background, are chemical engineering and biotechnology engineering. Chemical engineering requires the use of scientific, biological and chemical techniques to convert raw materials into products with beneficial functions for people, while biotechnology engineering combines the principles of basic engineering and biological sciences with the aim of producing a range of products such as pharmaceuticals and plastics. Biodegradable and bio-fuels. Mechanical Engineering is an ancient engineering discipline, but it is also one of the most popular engineering disciplines in terms of areas of work. Mechanical engineering disciplines require great design, production and maintenance skills for all mechanical systems, machines and tools that use heat and mechanical energy to operate such as refrigeration engines, automobiles and pistons.

Industrial Engineering and Electrical engineering

Industrial engineering is a complex engineering discipline. You may be amazed by the functions of this engineering specialty, since this specialization is linked to several areas including: factories. However, this specialization and its job areas are focused on institutions and companies, including the processes and systems that administer these institutions. The engineers of this specialty have great logical and computational skills, as well as strategic skills. Engineers are also developing a wide range of expertise and knowledge in money, people, Mathematical Principles, psychology, physical sciences, social sciences, equipment, and resources to provide business solutions and management in a quantifiable way. That sounds complicated, doesn't it? These engineers use a mix of technical, scientific and analytical skills to solve problems and make significant changes to companies. As for electrical engineering, engineers work in this area with large electrical systems such as: generators, engines and wire towers. On the one hand, engineers in the field of electronic engineering work with small electronic systems such as: circuits, motherboards and nano electronics.

Engineering and Information Technology jobs

There are many engineering functions associated with the field of information and communications technology. It is divided into two parts: Software engineering, Infrastructure engineering and physical hardware. Software engineers work with non-physical computer programs that operate computers and communications systems effectively. In addition, they deal with operating systems, software, applications, websites, databases, computer games and much more.  As for infrastructure engineering and physical equipment, the engineers specializing in this field work with network cables, motherboards, office units and computer peripherals.

After this quick glimpse of the most important engineering disciplines, their importance, and their effective role in influencing human life, we hope that we have paved the way for you to search for an engineering specialization that leads you to a job in an engineering field in the near future!