It is no secret that teamwork helps achieve goals faster than individual work, and since the need to form a trained team and able to accomplish the tasks assigned by the company has the utmost necessity and an essential pillar of any project, we should have opened a simplified discussion for the owners of companies Emerging to find the basics of managing teams successfully and effectively.

Before the formation of the staff
The objective of the Task Force formation is to achieve the objectives of the project according to the Plan of Action decided by the senior management of the company in the preparation of project feasibility studies, so I can say that the team is a tool used by the Department to achieve the business plan, and to complete the strength and effectiveness of this tool it is necessary to select The elements in them for each task are any placement of the right person in the right place.


How to choose the right person?

The right person for the job is the person who has 4 things, namely:

  • A passion for the job, he does not seek to get the salary of the last month but because he loves this job and wants to get it eagerly.
  • He has appropriate knowledge of the role he will play so that he is at least conversant with all the basic information and requirements of the job.
  • He has all the skills required to handle the job's data and requirements.
  • He has enough experience to make the project a success and help him gain more experience faster.

What are the functions available in the project?

Before you begin the team formation stage, it is necessary to determine the jobs you need and the number of employees, for example, if you are going to launch a new electronic product, you need a software team to deal with the site in terms of programming and protection, and need a marketing team to market the site in the networks and configure it for SEO search engines, and all the team, whatever its size, needs a veteran leader.

After selecting the required posts, you will then start the job postings, receive orders, choose the best, and so on until you have completed the team and become ready as planned in the business Plan and project operating plan.

Choose a project Manager

The role of the project manager is one of the most important roles at all, and unfortunately some owners of startups neglect this step and leave everyone working as he wants, and this method is dangerous; people may succeed in the success of the project effectively if they are trained but mostly fail the project, because there is no sergeant on Everyone or perhaps because of conflicting views and competing strategies that are followed so that the objective of the project is not intended and does not follow the project in the pre-planned direction.

A project manager must be selected who has sufficient knowledge of all the management requirements of such projects, and has previous experience in managing similar ventures, and has the objective of planning, analyzing, defining tasks, distributing roles to the team and ensuring that the work is done according to the planned work plan, although The methods and means used to achieve this plan.