For many organizations, success is the achievement of the Organization's economic results to excellence in marketing processes, and those responsible for these operations are marketing managers.
The main role of the marketing manager is to manage the marketing processes and manage the enterprise's means of marketing a product or a particular project. As a marketing manager, you may be responsible for a product or trademark, or be responsible for a wide range of products and services. The need for marketing managers is increasing in most medium-sized and large companies, where marketing managers within the marketing department are working to oversee marketing operations in the different areas in which the company is located.
Planning the organization's marketing strategy, directing research and marketing activities, and overseeing the performance of the team are just some of the functions of the actual marketing manager. Given the rapidly changing market data today, it is important for marketing professionals to be in a state of follow-up to changing market trends and to be able to anticipate and resolve problems.

Working environment

Marketing managers usually deal directly with senior management, and even though it is a specific office function, you will often find yourself meeting with customers or managers of departments and other departments who work in the project or organization, and will attend events and activities Marketing and product launch beginnings. Long working hours and irregular appointments are also normal in this career area.

Core responsibilities

Depending on the area in which you operate, the main responsibilities of marketing managers are to develop innovative marketing strategies, develop and implement integrated marketing programs designed to attract new customers, and to increase the business share of their products in the market for the continued growth of profits.
Critical evaluation of major marketing campaigns and application of best marketing practices.
Joint work between the Department of Public Administration and the marketing department or other major departments to maintain partnerships and external agencies and review the performance of the economic institution.

Career Opportunities

For jobs in this field at the management level, employers are more interested in your previous working skills and experience than your official qualifications.
Opportunities are usually available to work with marketing agencies or in consultancy services, and jobs in marketing departments are available in all types of companies or public sector institutions.
With your practical experience, you will be a candidate to work as a brand manager or a product administrator, and then a marketing manager. You can also choose to become a marketing advisor for your own account.

What is study?

Most employers employ marketing managers with a master's degree, but only for bachelor's degrees, they have to work for some time to climb across the career ladder, and there are different study options to become marketing managers.
You can study for a bachelor's degree in business management with a marketing focus.

Study to get a master's degree in business management with a focus on marketing or advertising.
If you have a bachelor's degree in any specialty, you can study for a postgraduate diploma in marketing.
Some colleges abroad offer a master's degree in Marketing Management or masters in marketing and communication.

Admission Requirements

To obtain a bachelor's degree in Business Administration or marketing, you need to complete 12 years of high school, either to pursue a master's degree, you must have a Bachelor in business, finance, marketing, or any other related subject.
Most universities and colleges in the United States, UK and Australia accept students to study in postgraduate courses in marketing or MBA with a preference for applicants with practical experience in related work.