This program was accomplished through traditional distance education. BIRSHAM International University sends to your mailing address the textbooks included in the program. You are asked to write reports about these books, each of which contains 20 to 35 pages. You can submit these reports by email or regular mail. These reports are considered as exams. BIRSHAM International University will evaluate your written work. If you pass this stage successfully, you will receive a certificate from Birsham International University. Please read the study guide to follow up on higher education distance at Birsham International University for further guidance on pedagogical methods, teaching methods and evaluation at BIRSHAM International University. 

Students of this distance Education Certificate program must take into account the following:

  • Title: Birsham International University needs a functional geographic location to send the books and materials needed to successfully complete this remote diploma.                                                                   
  •  Communication: E-mail, postal address and telephone number are key communication tools with Birsham International University and play an important role in progress and support for the study program.                                                                                                                                                               
  •  Absorption capacity: any physical or psychological impediment to reading a book or writing a report of BIRSHAM International University must be reported before joining the Distance Education Certificate program.                                                                                                                                                   
  •  Technology: No specific technology required to complete this university degree remotely.                      
  • language: Books and reports must be written in a different language than English and approved by Birsham International University before joining any university course.                                                              
  •  Discrimination: There is no discrimination with regard to race, color, sex, beliefs or religion.                       
  • Age: Check the admission requirements for each distance Education Certificate program

With a prior request, reports can be drafted, a research project or a thesis in another language, even if the books and all information about the course are in Spanish. The certificate, the evaluation book and other files for your graduation will be issued in English.

Duration-health care management distance learning via the Internet
If the program contains 21 modules, you will need about 21 weeks to complete it, and if it contains 45 units, you will need 45 weeks and so on respectively. These are discretionary calculations. The duration of any distance learning program is approximately 15 hours per week and depends on the intensity of the focus on distance study.


In order to be officially accepted at Birsham International University, you must send us by email the official request for a filled, dated and undated admission. You can download this application directly from our web page, print it, fill it, or ask us to send it to you by mail. Send the request with documents to our email address. You can also send us your order and all documents in PDF format.

Birsham University will respond to your request in 10 days.

In all cases (either by regular or electronic mail in PDF format).
• Fill in the application for admission.
• Solar image.
• Date and signature.

Also for Bachelor, Master and PhD.

* Attach the application to your CV.
* Admission costs EUR 200 or USD 250 (by cheque or credit card).
* Photos of points disclosure, certificates or any other important documents.
* Optional: letter to request a grant, or any special request, suggestions.