Are you planning to study the studies programs in the United States of America? Are you having a big problem knowing how to enroll in Masters and PhD programs at American universities? Do you want to know the steps? So, you're in the right place! Remember: Many international students have failed to obtain university admissions from American universities, due to a number of reasons including: the speed of sending the application, failure to provide the requirements for admission, sending applications without the required documents, failure to observe the deadlines for registration, filling the application incorrectly, Etc. Read the following article to learn about the detailed registration steps, starting from filling out the registration application until you reach the university.

The registration process in graduate programs in the United States of America requires some planning and ranking. You need to know that there are several initial steps ahead of sending the application to the university. Speed and no-order lead to negative results in the end, the failure and failure to get admission to the program you want to study, may result in delaying your study to next year. Therefore, we recommend that you read the following article to learn about the steps.  First: There are tribal steps, which must be taken into account before the request is randomly filled out and sent to the university.


Step 1: Registration requests

The student must observe the deadlines for registration. Therefore, each student must inquire about the registration dates and expiry dates before 15 – 18 months. There are several ways to get registration requests. They are as follows:

  1. Get orders via email: You can request registration from the University website. Most universities offer a special request through their own websites, which can be filled online to get the request, and then the university will send the registration request and the required list of documents to your private mail.
  2.  Get orders via regular mail: The other way to get a registration request is by regular mail. The request must contain a brief description of academic background, academic objectives, source of financial support, language proficiency, and standard test scores.
  3. Download applications from the University site: most universities provide downloadable registration requests via their own sites, which are applications that can be downloaded, printed and then sent to the university via email.

Step 2:  the admission requirements

Most American universities require international students who wish to study graduate programs to obtain a university degree equivalent to the American bachelor's degree. In other words, students wishing to study the master's program must prove 16 years as a minimum of formal education. As for doctoral programs, universities require proof that the student has a masters degree in the same specialization. In special cases, some universities agree to grant students admission to Masters and doctoral programs under different conditions. On the other hand, there is no standard policy with regard to granting admission to such programs. Universities agree to grant admission according to their own criteria, and according to the number of students enrolled in a program, there are other criteria. Therefore, you must be sure of the university directly, either by communicating with the university via email or by reading the admission requirements of a program through the university website or the course page.

Registration requirements

  1. Certificates and Academic degree statements:                                                                      Previous academic degrees are one of the most important factors that ensure you get admission from any American University. Most universities require the student to have a good academic record at a minimum, especially students who wish to complete their masters and PhD programs. Each university sets special requirements for its programs, which are flexible based on the student's academic file. Moreover, there are special evaluation systems for each American university, which differs from the evaluation systems of other countries.                                                                                                                                                                American universities adopt the general rate system, which is based on the five-point scale, namely a, B, C, D, & F.It is advised that university degrees should be converted according to the US evaluation system or any other system because the conversion may not be very accurate. Students can attach explanatory notes from the university where they studied to indicate the overall rate the student has received to facilitate the evaluation process, and to speed up the process of obtaining university admissions. These notes may include general rate, program-level ranking, and number of students. The student can send any information or documents that may assist in the admission process.                                                                                     
  2. Standard tests and English language tests:                                                                               Most American universities and colleges require students to have a standard test such as a test or a gym test, as well as an English proficiency test such as Topaz and TOEFL which is mandatory for all international students wishing to study postgraduate programs in the United States of America. The accepted degree in most American universities is 570 degrees on the paper Topaz tests.                                                                                                                                       
  3. Practical experience and CV                                                                                                    Some professional and practical disciplines require practical experience related to the study program. For example, management programs or some masters programs require a practical experience of at least two years. Some universities are strict in this requirement. In addition, a detailed CV is very important alongside the documents and the application for registration in the course. The CV must contain all practical experience information as well as all the positions, tasks and achievements of the international student.