Marketing is a study that is interested in identifying the needs and trends of the market and the interest in identifying the wishes of the client and satisfying and satisfying them, and therefore it is a process that carries several activities to uncover the desires and behaviors of customers towards the products of the different organization and then study how to develop the products of the Organization Serve the best customer satisfaction and make the best profit for the organization over a certain period of time.

Study characteristics

Of course, marketing as a business process is at the top of the activities of the business because of its importance to the institution in achieving its physical objectives and the delivery of the product or service that represents the business as appropriate is to deliver a good image of the enterprise, and marketing is an activity that includes Interest in the commodity or product, the consumer, and the facility that you produce and distribute, and the marketing objectives are part not complete the general and total objectives of the institution without it, and in the commercial organizations marketing departments adopt different approaches in their marketing activities and to deal with marketing problems That may occur and follow the status of the product or service that represents the organization in the markets and consumer reactions to this product, although at the moment the process and marketing activities are more than left to the marketing department alone and become a group of activities involving the business of most of its departments.

Academically, the study of marketing includes various subjects that the student is exposed to so that he is qualified to work in this field professionally and with a high degree of efficiency, including the study of the Studies of mathematics and Statistics, which aims to prepare the student and train him to gather the information necessary to set goals Marketing of the organization and the identification of the best marketing approach to address the commercial and marketing community, in addition to commercial studies, as well as communications where the latter has become a very influential role in the contemporary marketing methods and the communication in all its forms contributes greatly in influencing Market trends towards the product, item or service promoted by the business, the student also examines the advertising and methods of the advertisement and how to employ it as an influential element within the marketing curriculum, as well as the study of accounting.

Admission Requirements

If you intend to study marketing at the postgraduate level, you must have a bachelor's degree in that study or a related study, and you can be sure that your qualification is appropriate by the correspondence of the university you intend to study abroad, as well as the expectation that admission requirements will be slightly higher than the conditions To study at the Bachelor level, the ideal requirements for the study of undergraduate marketing are to pass the IELTS 6.5 degree or TOEFL CBT by 90 degrees and these conditions may vary from one university to another.

The diversity of the study also ranges from the career prospects of the graduates of marketing studies especially those who studied marketing abroad because of their high academic skills, so that graduates have the opportunity to work in advertising, in the departments of sales and marketing of companies, or in the field of relations or the field of human resources, as well as the possibility of academic work in the state of study or in your country if you are an outstanding student.