Students who have earned a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) have spent long days and great effort – even a fortune – to get this remarkable and distinguished degree in education, which allows them to choose from a wide range of distinctive career choices.

In this article we review together the top 5 career paths for MBA holders:

Public Relations Officer

Each prestigious company always needs to manage its public relations with the public on the one hand, and the employees themselves, on the other hand, efficiently and competently. The role of public relations officer focuses mainly in dealing with the media in the distinctive circumstances and the bad conditions of the company. In positive attitudes and negative attitudes, through the creation and application of distinctive public relations programs designed to develop the brand of the company and strengthen its relations with the customers in the best possible way.

Banking investments

This career path is one of the most popular career paths for a master's degree in Business Administration. Working in this area requires distinctive communication skills, great experience in trade and business, thus providing customers with all the information about the best products or services they can invest in through banks.

Health Care Management

The duties required in the healthcare management profession vary by the size of the medical facility and the size of the tasks assigned to the Director of the health unit. A master's degree in business management can work in this field as a specialist or even as a general expert, performing the tasks of planning, management and daily supervision of the health institution and its employees.

Consultant in management areas

Successful and effective management in any business area, usually responsible for its success or failure are the Masters in Business administration, who can develop and improve any administrative system significantly according to their experience and academic knowledge. The management consulting area is one of the most distinctive career paths for those who have an MBA because of their rewarding salaries as well as the distinctive social status they offer. 

Finance Officer (CFO)

It is one of the most prestigious and distinguished jobs for those with high academic rank, namely work in the field of financial business management and accounting. The Finance officer or (CFO) course is a study of the work that has been done, the study of current business, and the development of career plans for the future professionally increases the level of the financial institution and thus enhances its ability to stay in the arena of competition with other companies.