If science and mathematics are what excites you, you are innovative in nature and you like to invent new things, so aeronautical engineering is the right study for you after graduation. Many institutions at home and abroad offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in this field.

What is Aeronautical engineering?

Aviation engineering includes the design, construction and science of aircraft and judicial vehicles. It is divided into aircraft engineering and space vehicle engineering.

Aerospace engineers design, construct and test spacecraft and aircraft. They carry out numerous researches to improve the performance of existing materials and to test the suitability of other materials for use in the manufacture of compounds as well as make adjustments in the evaluation system itself.

Who are eligible for this?

People interested in technology choose space Engineering as a field of study, and their in-depth knowledge of science, physics and mathematics is the basis of this study. Some students may also want to specialize in this study at an advanced stage of their educational journey, which opens up a great area for ongoing research and development.


The aerospace engineering industry is filled with job opportunities due to the growing demand for experienced and efficient engineers. With the spread of private airlines and competition among each other, the need for aviation engineers has increased. The field offers various options and sections such as research, design, development, testing, manufacturing and maintenance.

You can choose to work as a design engineer or gain experience in the field of control systems or focus your energy on a specific project such as warplanes or spacecraft. If you are a good user of computer applications, it opens up the opportunity to work in the field of design and painting. You can also contribute to the field of fuel research. Aircraft maintenance is another section that you can work with, as well as work in the search centers for the causes of aircraft accidents, but this latter proposal requires high analytical capabilities.

Where to study

Some prestigious colleges that offer master's degree programs in this field are:
  • Flatten Engineering School, University of Arizona, United States of America 
  • Clarkson University, United States of America
  • California Institute of Technology, United States of America.
  • University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.
  • University of Carnegie, United Kingdom.
  • University of Log-burg, United Kingdom.
  • University of Toronto, Canada

What the program offers

A traditional master's degree program in aeronautical engineering covers the following materials:

Spacecraft design dynamic space vehicles systems and operations aircraft aerospace engineering thermal energy and wind engineering design of rotary machines aircraft testing self-propelled hardware engineering
The study also includes the theoretical aspect of the practical aspect that is taught in laboratories.

The options are numerous in the military and civil fields, especially in the United States and Europe. In the countries of the East, ISRO is a suitable place to look for work as well as government institutions.