A computer programming study is a correct writing process for computer code and codes by the user, so that the computer handles it in the form of orders and then executes under those specific behavior orders, and the purpose of programming is to create programs that perform certain operations.

We can visualize just how important programming is if we know that the mayor of New York, Mr. Michael Bloom berg, decided to take part in a computer programming course online, and said through his Twitter account that he decided with the New Year 2012 to go into a training course over the Internet to study programming, Bloom berg becomes one of more than 180000 people in the world studying that study in different countries of the world; It is also a reflection of the importance of the programming study that at present most of the developed world is interested in teaching programming not only at the university level, but that the British government has become included That study is within the curriculum of English schools.

Features of the study

The study of programming abroad is an advanced study that examines the study of many topics related to programming such as languages C and Java languages and the common relationships that connect those languages, in addition to the study of mathematics and algorithms, and is expected to be exposed to the students abroad programming to those topics as General
  • Study how to apply specific code language codes such as C, C++, and others
  • Study the use of different types of databases
  • Study of code writing and coding in external computer files
  • Study how to write data in single and multidimensional matrices

Admission Requirements

Most universities abroad require IELTS or TOEFL certificates as a condition for admission to the program in programming and the required degree varies depending on each university, for example, the South Steve University of Australia requires a 5.5 degree in IELTS as a prerequisite for enrollment, and the program graduates have a professional future Available in all fields where there is technology and computer use we find jobs for the graduates of programming and computer use has become very prevalent in all fields and industries, and the well qualified programmer from a foreign university is strongly required in the Middle East of the network companies And other information.