The information Technology study is the practical application of the use of computers and technology and the transmission of information, although the study of information technology includes the study of technologies for TVs and telephones, but it is usually more she got involved with computers And its associated systems and information systems.

The study of the undergraduate course in information technology provides the student with a broad knowledge that includes the theoretical and practical skills that the student needs to work in this field, and the skills that give him the ability to deal with Internet and computer applications, and applications Projects and research management programs.

The information Technology study includes specialization in a specific technical field, and some post-graduate students study at the postgraduate level to develop their practical skills, and practical experience in this field is very useful for developing practical skills and for securing a suitable post-graduate job.

The requirements for enrollment in the undergraduate program vary from one university to another, some universities require a level A or its equivalent while other universities require practical experience related to technical skills, so the student must check the requirements for joining well with The university he intends to join. In terms of enrollment requirements at the postgraduate level, they vary depending on the university, some universities require university degree in information technology, computer systems, or any other technology-related study area, while others do not require this requirement For post-graduate studies.

Some educational institutions in English-speaking countries require an English proficiency test to prove your proficiency in the English language, and you are already benefiting from the university course.

At the professional level, acquiring an information technology qualification has many career opportunities, for example, a student can work as a software developer and application, a game developer, a technical consultant in information technologies, and much more.

Most of the projects that start in the business world today do not succeed or Excel without the use of IT systems applications, so there is a significant demand in the labor market for IT professionals to occupy jobs in many institutions and companies.

It is one of the best fields of study that is recommended to be studied abroad, due to the experience of the student, which includes modern and sophisticated technological capabilities and methods, and the student is acquainted with the latest innovations and modern advances in the field of information technology.