Many students who are on the verge of university studies usually have confusion in distinguishing between two highly scientific disciplines, namely: agriculture. Agricultural Engineering...

The fact is that, although both target the agricultural field and its applications, the study on each of them may take other and complex aspects, contrary to what many think in this area.

Agricultural engineering is primarily an engineering application in the fields of agriculture, and is primarily a branch of engineering, from which several areas, including agricultural production, natural resource management, etc., emerge.

Agricultural engineers their main task is to apply the engineering knowledge and skills to solve problems related to agricultural production, as well as the work of agricultural designs, the design of machinery and agricultural machinery, the tasks of planning and supervision, and the management of planning for the fields of dairy recycling, irrigation and drainage, and also Development of roads suitable for water and soil conservation.

It is also the duties of agricultural engineers to monitor environmental variables and impacts, and to translate research results and applications into agriculture, application and planning of technology types, device design mechanisms, food improvement mechanisms, and processing of agricultural products.

Course Content:

In this specialization, students study a combination of the curriculum for the specialization of agriculture in general, as well as a deep study in the engineering field and its applications in the agricultural field.

The study includes sections such as:

  • Irrigation Engineering. 
  • Industrial engineering. 
  • environmental sciences. 
  • architectural design.
  • land and agricultural roads.
  • agricultural machine.
  •  natural resources engineering. 
  • waste management
And many other sections of the study and related fields.

Career Opportunities:

The fact is that the field of agricultural engineering is one of the most important areas that has a large job market around the world. It is linked to the agricultural field, while the whole world is heading to the policy of "greening " and the spread of gardens and plantations, as well as the global interest in intensifying food industries with a close relationship to agriculture. You find that agricultural engineers are at the forefront of the beneficiaries of this large market of jobs..

Apart from continuing academic work, and obtaining postgraduate studies in this field, the graduate has a wide range of career options, including:

  • Working in agricultural companies 
  • to work as an engineer responsible for the designs of agricultural land 
  • work in the food processing companies, from food 
  • as an engineer for farm land.
  • projects of reclamation of labor in sewage projects, and the construction of navigational roads and canals and water branches
And many other areas, where the agricultural engineer must have a pivotal role in the level of the work.