Public Health studies basically refer to the study of society and its public health levels. This study focuses primarily on maintaining individual health and developing the overall health level of the society as a whole.

Public health activities are often monitored by government or official bodies, agreeing to implement their plans and proposals such as smoking prevention, obesity risk warning, and alcoholism. And other activities aimed at preserving the health of individuals and society.

Is this a specialty that best suits you?

If you are deeply passionate about community work, mixing and caring for people. You are undoubtedly the right person to study the right field!

This specialty includes a lot of scientific, natural and medical aspects, and deals with practical areas such as chemistry and biology. As well as studying psychology and endemic diseases in communities, how to deal with them in the correct way.

Therefore, a student who is applying to study this specialization must have a distinct scientific and practical mentality, be vested with distinctive skills in time management, and acquire different experiences. As well as being willing to deal and meet continuously with people, whether individually.. Or collectively.

Career path:

Most of the graduates in this specialization are mostly employed very quickly, as they are engaged in a highly sensitive and important specialization for all civilized societies. Therefore, the graduate must himself face a wide range of different functions, all of which are collected by the distinctive wage, and opportunities in career development.

An academic degree in public health studies can work in government health sectors, dispensaries, and civil society organizations concerned with health matters in the community, as well as serving as a volunteer for many charitable bodies. It is not to work in the nutrition, health care and apprenticeship centers.

Course and Registration requirements

The specialty of general health studies contains a lot of materials, general and specialized expertise, which aims to prepare graduates in a distinctive way to fill jobs in the job market in the best quality and level possible.

For admission to the university degree for this specialty, the student is usually required to obtain distinctive grades in certain relevant subjects, such as biology and chemistry at the secondary level or its equivalent. The university stage usually lasts for about three years.

In the case of postgraduate studies, it is usually requested that the student receive a distinguished academic assessment at the undergraduate level, and the period of postgraduate study usually lasts for one academic year (at least).

Is your English language appropriate?! .. Make sure of this subject, because in most cases all international universities require that the advanced international student to study in a good level of English in writing, speaking, reading and listening. Therefore, universities require the applicant to have at least a total of 6 grades in the English IELTS test, to ensure that the understand of the courses are fully provided.

Where do you study this specialty?

Before deciding to study public health at a university, or a particular educational institution, you must first ensure that you meet all the conditions required to apply. Whether in academic terms, in terms of physical presentation conditions, or for linguistic aspects.

Make sure before you submit that the university in which you will study this specialty is very important and distinguished, gives you an accredited academic certificate and internationally recognized, because this is the highway of career excellence later.. And academic development as well.

Also, you should be taught well that you will go!.. Is the city you will be staying in for your physical potential, and liking your cultural mood? Always remember that the costs of living, staying and studying, and the cultural climate surrounding you strongly affect your school level negatively or positively. Never underestimate this point.

Do you have the physical capacity to attend this university? Why don't you consider presenting first at this university through a full scholarship, or a partial scholarship that will help you with your school-sucking and accommodation costs?!

More importantly, does this college provide a specific specialization in public health that wishes to be your career path after graduation?.. Public health is a vast area, with many sub-specialties. Therefore, you must make sure that your specific specialty is at the university and offer a special educational level.