If you are interested in the career path of accounting, and you want to get the main functional skills of this area, you will undoubtedly have an academic degree in accounting.

In this course, by acquiring this degree, you will inevitably gain extensive academic and practical experience in understanding financial and business pathways, and all related science.

About the course

Economics and finance play the biggest role in accounting courses, as well as studying the principles of management, industry and structuring of private and public institutions. However, the focus on financial and computational matters remains the asset, requiring the applicant to have a good level of economics and mathematics before progressing to the degree.

The aim of the course is to prepare graduates at a distinctive level of academic and practical experience, so that they can quickly occupy positions of employment and prove themselves by joining different institutions, or by leading their own business.

Course Components

The courses of the degree of accounting cover all the basic rules and areas that the student needs to apply in the accounting world after graduating. Of which:

Principles of the Big economics principles of small Economics financial accounting methods of research Statistical Department of Accounting and Industry investment law corporate tax
And many other different study programs related to the field of accounting, which are taught through theoretical lectures, workshops, discussions, corporate training, practical classrooms, level evaluations, research... And other methods of effective academic teaching.

Admission Requirements

As is well known, admission requirements differ from one university to another, but we are exposed to general admission requirements, the first of which is to obtain an excellent level in the fields directly related to the specialization of accounting such as mathematics and economics. Students graduating from secondary school are usually subject to a basic qualification program before they enroll in a university degree.

It is also necessary for advanced students to be fluent in English, whose guide is to obtain a TOEFL or IELTS certificate (depending on the certificate recognized by the educational institution to which the students apply).

These are general conditions that apply to all universities in all countries of the world, but – as we have said – each university sets its terms for admission of students to study, and an academic degree in accounting.

Career Opportunities

The graduates of the accounting department work in a very wide range of jobs in very diverse and varied fields. You have a way to work in the industrial sector, government agencies, bank banks, financial services, business, and many other fields.

In short, there is no large or small company that does not need accountants to control financial matters, whatever their field or specialization.