If you have a creative mentality and a technical hand and can handle mathematics and engineering, the study of architecture is the area that suits you perfectly and this work requires a range of qualities such as creative thinking, practical skills, and experience in dealing with techniques.  Obtaining a certificate in this field from abroad qualifies you to get the best positions because you have global experience and know the latest technology and good training to use it.

Why do I study architecture?

Architects work with customers, contractors, engineers, government agencies and specialists from different fields such as design engineers, so the architect must be familiar with many skills in the fields of construction and architectural design.

Academic qualifications are very important in this work, whether the task is to design energy-saving buildings, reconstruct parts of the city, renovate old buildings or manage a construction project.

There are several study options such as Masters and bachelors, where you can complete undergraduate studies, get a bachelor's degree in mathematics or the arts, and then enroll for a Masters degree in architecture.

What does the tutorial offer you?

The Bachelor's degree program aims to produce a confident graduate who has the ability to work on his own and can make a difference in the field of architecture and the world of construction. In the first year, three-dimensional architectural design is taught using various techniques such as painting, simulation models and Graphic. In some colleges, the study also includes the history of architecture and the role of renowned engineers in life. It also teaches how to analyze sites and evaluate suitability for the nature of projects.

In the second and third year, more complex projects are being carried out, building codes, building techniques and other materials that you can specialize in, such as interior design, are taught.

You can also specialize in Masters degree in what suits your preferences such as urban design or sustainable design.

The materials in the United States and the UK are taught by experts in the fields of architecture and decoration designers who provide you with the latest trends in their fields. The leading universities in the field are also coordinating with cultural institutions and companies from the same industry to provide students with opportunities for work and training.

Before you apply for a college, be sure to suitability the criteria of the country you intend to stay and work with. It is also preferable to choose a universally recognized institution.

Enrollment Requirements

To register for bachelor degree you must complete 12 years of pre-university study, but for a masters degree you must obtain a Bachelor degree or one of the equivalent certificates related to this field.

In addition, you must provide certificates to your proficiency in the English language, but you must address the university to find out more details.


The study of architecture allows you to work as a general practitioner or specialist where you can specialize in institutional, industrial, or commercial development, or work on the renovation of archaeological buildings and renovation of houses.

The architect in the field of consultancy can work with individuals, businesses, local authorities and owners of private property.

Saving and renewing the architectural cultural heritage is the most popular work recently, the need for advisers in government bodies and local committees is increasing.