In a dialogue with Sana, a second-year student in management and economics, the Royal Holui College of the University of London, Sana stated that she had moved from the British Kazakh Technical University to Royal Holloway, a subsidiary of the University of London.

Why did you register at the university and how did you choose the course?

This was inevitable, I was studying at the British Kazakh Technical University, where the study was like Royal Holloway, and then I came to Britain and decided to enroll at the University of London.

What's your impression in the first month?

I think I'm a lucky girl where my family was settling down here with me in the first month, which made it easier, and in addition, the university organized some concerts, including a gala dinner and it courses.

Where were you staying and how did you get a place to stay?

I found the student housing crowded so I decided to find another place and I already found a place where I live with my sister and my brother who are also studying in the United Kingdom and my mother helped me to get this place.

Did you happen to have a cultural shock when you studied in the UK?

Truth... No I was expecting what would happen where I had lived some time in the UK before, as I studied in the United States before coming to the kingdom, so I used to live abroad.

How do you finance your studies?

I've got a scholarship to bear part of the tuition fees and although I've been ahead of this late grant but luck was my ally!

How does English teaching in the UK differ from its style in your country?

No.. The teaching method is somewhat similar. Though here in England we're supposed to do more self-study. Moreover, our study in the department stores is basically based on the case study system, so this is the difference between the method here and there.

What is the best thing you liked about studying in the UK?

Education is the UK's first-class business, which prepares you for actual work. This is in addition to the international experience of the United Kingdom.

What are your plans after graduation?

I would like to work for a few years and then continue to study with MBA in the United States of America.

What advice would you like to provide to students?

I would like to advise students to identify as many people as possible and to communicate with others as much as they can. In the end, I am delighted to have this experience, and the opportunity comes only once in a lifetime!