The field of dentistry is one of the most accepted and the most important areas of study for many students. Many countries suffer from a shortage of specialists in this area – though important – and the job, service and volunteer market is never silent about asking for more specialists.

Word  "dentist ", make you jump in memory to childhood days as soon as you hear them, when you hear the various tinnitus devices that the doctor used to repair your teeth, make them sound consistent!.. It is one of the most important occupations at all, which human needs at all stages of life and different circumstances.

The primary role of the dentist, and practitioners involved in this field, is to contribute to the improvement of the health of the mouth of all kinds; Therefore, this specialization requires not only a thorough study of the anatomy of the mouth and face, but also a general understanding of the human body. In addition, the specialist in this field can carry out various activities in the fields of administration, education, scientific research and many subjects that have a direct or indirect relationship with oral care, which makes specialists in this field integrated in the professional and practical aspects.

Dentist job One job does not change.. But their location varies between:

Working through a private clinic:

It is the method used by most dentists, considering that working as a dentist in a private clinic is considered more profitable and famous for the name of the doctor, and it is due to special material and social benefits.

Working in public hospitals:

As a dental specialist, among many other medical specialties.

Working in Cosmetic dentistry centers:

Which provides specialized services in the field of dental care mainly, and includes a large number of experts in this field..

Academic work:

At the university, by completing the postgraduate studies and conducting the required research letters, and then upgrading in academic degrees until the degree of professor...

Medical companies:

Domestic and international offering its dental care products, which require experts to understand, present and supervise the product. Experts of course are specialists in the field of dentistry.