If you study computer science or a related discipline, you will certainly have acquired many technical and non-technical skills that are highly valued by human resources departments and employers.

Since information technology has become a major player in most aspects of life, finding a job that requires certain computer science skills is becoming easier, so what are the most popular career prospects that computer science graduates are looking for.

Information Technology Adviser

The main task of the IT adviser is to advise clients on the planning, design, construction and use of customer technology systems, which means overcoming technical problems or improving the structure and efficiency of IT systems used by the client, usually similar to the work of Systems analysts, application designers and programmers but on a consultant basis.

Information Systems Manager

Means to be responsible (perhaps with the help of a team of information technology staff) for the complete maintenance of the information system infrastructure and databases, and the typical functions of the information Systems manager is to oversee the installation of the system, ensure its stability and security and create safe access for all users with Provide support and advice to them.

Systems Analyst

The systems analyst uses computers and related systems to design new IT solutions as well as modify and improve existing systems which ensures improved work efficiency and productivity.

It requires a system analyst to have a high level of technical competence and clear awareness of business practices.

Video game developer

Video game developers use different programming languages for the production and design of different video games, and there are two types of first-hand video games that are interested in creative aspects and dealing with graphics, colors and designs, while the second type cares about the structure of the game and its development using programming languages .

Technical Clerk

Many technical sites need writers and content creators to produce textual or visual content that helps users understand how to use new products and technical services, as a computer science certificate may be useful thanks to the technical information acquired during your undergraduate studies.