The United States remains a popular study destination for international students, as it is distinguished by a large number of educational institutions with high-level research potential. That quality in the educational service is invaluable, but tuition and living expenses range from $15000 to more than $60000 per year; Thus, access to material support may be difficult: scholarships and grants in general for foreign students are scarce and available At intervals spaced. The grants offered are fierce competition. However, there are other grants with funding advantages.

Generally, your citizenship does not affect your eligibility for funding; however, the U.S. Department of State offers opportunities for additional assistance to students of certain nationalities through its global Exchange program, and don't forget contacting the embassy and inquiring whether it has student scholarships from your country.

Financing options

Funding options vary depending on the institution; the type of institution it intends to study will have a significant impact on the amount of tuition costs; Interestingly, many institutions do not offer scholarships on the basis of academic excellence, but instead allocate financial assistance Based on material needs; Columbia and Princeton Universities adopt that method, but also give those eligible for part-time work during the grant.

Access to finance

Your first step in getting a scholarship with material support should be to contact the study institution directly, and inquire about the scholarships available to them. This will save you time, and it will also protect you from the Web-based scams.

A very important note, if you understand in any way that you have to pay money for a scholarship, you are probably under a scam.

Fulbright Program

There are also a number of organizations that offer scholarships to foreign students, the most prestigious of which is the Fulbright Foundation, and the Fulbright Program is a program that offers U.S. government-funded scholarships to foreign students to study in the United States; there are more than 155 countries participating in Fulbright Program, the program offers a variety of scholarships in various fields certainly has fierce competition among applicants.


If you can't get a scholarship, this doesn't necessarily mean the end of your dream of studying in the United States of America; There are other ways to finance your studies in the United States. There is also good news about school Finance if you are a graduate student, there are plenty of funding opportunities for postgraduate students, the U.S. education system is focused on supporting the study at the higher education level, and this is reflected in the funding budget, so it is better to inquire with the university You have chosen for their funding opportunities; examples of those universities that are likely to provide subsidized grants are:
  • Columbia University
  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University

Another financing option is to obtain a loan; many colleges have a list of lenders or financiers who have previously supported former university students. Many of these U.S.-based financing companies will usually need to be eligible to know an American citizen as your participant. However, there are other funding alternatives. For example, Harvard University signed an agreement with J.P. Morgan Chase (JP Morgan Chase) that will support graduate students and international professional studies to obtain special education loans; and American universities generally work to support international students, especially in light of the dwindling number of partners Donors.

Always trust your abilities.

International students are usually seen by educational institutions in the United States as determined students, with a strong determination dedicated to success. As a result, many private institutions and companies provide the necessary funding to take advantage of your current experiences and experience in the future; so be confident in your abilities and remember to shop yourself in the job market as a person looking for a great field of work and you will find that your qualities and good features are not only Show to others, but it will be good factors to invest in your future.