The passion for aviation and the desire to obtain a degree from a prestigious college abroad is the main motivation for studying aviation abroad.

Although the cost is higher than in other countries which reach between 45.000 to $100,000, they will return to you immediately after graduation. The Business class salary for beginners reaches between 30.000 and 60.000 dollars according to the size of the airline that will operate.

You can study flight across different routes. You can study it through a private college or flight club, whether full or part time, or you may be studying through a college attached to universities, or you can study through a college or university that offers accredited courses or diplomas in the field of aviation.

There are many educational programs for Arab students that are similar to the rates of Arabic degrees and enrollment requirements. For example, some aviation schools offer training to Arab students on an Arabian airlines. The theoretical part of the study concerns the knowledge of aviation rules and regulations. A traditional training program will provide commercial, individual and dual aviation training, incentive flight, health insurance, pre-flight and post-aviation settings. The courses also focus on the role of the pilot and copilot, but do not overlook the following points.
  • Electronic navigation system
  • Self-flight system 
  • Means of changing the system
  • Computer Control flight System
  • Aviation team Management

Graduates of aviation schools can work in different environments such as commercial aviation, military aviation, and cargo flight.
  • Some of the places that offer recognized flight training are:
  • Delayer Air Navigation Center 
  • Imperial Air University 
  • ATP College of Aviation 
  • North Michigan University 
  • Phoenix East Airlines 
  • University of Sal ford