The information revolution and the technology of the halls continue to affect our lives, and the benefits of the evolution of the communications revolution in many areas of life, including education in general, and study abroad in particular, have become the possibility of studying a wide range of fields of study abroad available in distance learning technology, This is an easy-to-study option for many students studying abroad at prestigious international universities without incurring exorbitant expenses including study abroad, a study visa, living expenses, etc.

The study of online media is one of the fields of study that can be studied online, and many universities offer a number of courses to study the media online, although the study of the media in general and the study of the media remotely or via the Internet in particular include many disciplines , Such as video galleries, editing, publishing, electronic publishing, printing, communication studies and sign language, along with many other media disciplines.

What is the study

Mon-ash University of Australia offers a remote media study in a lot of media disciplines, for example the university offers undergraduate courses in online journalism that last for varying periods of time, and deals with distance media courses in Mon-ash University journalism techniques Used in journalistic work such as printing, visual publishing, radio and electronic journalism, also types of writing for local and international journalism, the course qualifies most graduates to work in prestigious and reputable press institutions such as ABC radio, and also in many Australian newspapers.

The University of North Dakota also offers courses in online media, a study and academic study suitable for students aspiring to work in the field of journalism, and other universities offer courses in online media such as the British Central Lancashire University and others.

M. Requests for admission

Admission requirements for the study of online media vary from one university to another, although there are conditions and requirements required by most prestigious universities to accept the student in the study program of online media, the Australian Mon-ash University requests to pass the IELTS test in English or TOEFL, In addition to completing the study of 12 academic years in education completed at the general secondary level.

The University of North Dakota requires admission requirements for international students to study a master's degree in online media, requiring a bachelor's degree from an accredited university at a cumulative grade rate (GPA) of at least 3.25 in undergraduate. The student must have already studied one of the media disciplines such as journalism, or communication studies. The student must also provide evidence of his interest and enthusiasm for the study, such as the academic performance rate or a certificate of practical experience in the field, and the university also requests to pass the TOEFL or IELTS in English language.