The social sciences are divided into many sub-disciplines, including but not limited to prison services, immigration services, fire prevention services, crime prevention and rescue services. Social Science Online study is available but in sub-domains without other areas, some areas of social science should be studied through traditional study styles on campus, but at present there are universities offering courses to study social sciences online, and courses vary In social sciences at all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Study of social sciences across the university

The online social science courses aim to deepen students ' understanding of the humanities and sociology according to their sub-academic specialization in social sciences, for example, the Social Science Study program offered by the University of the Australian Football College through the Faculty of Social Sciences The official languages are Asian history studies of the countries of China and Japan, as well as studies of international relations and sustainable development.

Obtaining a bachelor's degree in social sciences gives the student the opportunity to deepen his understanding in the field of social sciences and develop his research skills, and the study qualifies the student to join the professional world from the widest sections such as work in the field of public work and charitable and voluntary work, and work as a specialist Community organizations, colleges, schools and government bodies.

To enroll in social science courses online there are ideal admission requirements that the student is best able to obtain, although the requirements for undergraduate or postgraduate enrollment vary depending on the university. The student must have a high school degree equivalent to the secondary level in the country in which the course will be taught, and the student must pass one of the English language proficiency tests in IELTS or TOEFL.

Study of online Social sciences for postgraduate education

The study of social sciences at the postgraduate level focuses on the development of the student's practical knowledge in the academic research field of the social sciences, as well as the theoretical research which includes the presentation of an academic scientific thesis for the master's degree. The student has many jobs in various professions including teaching at the university, social work, work in libraries and documentation centers.

To enroll in the online social science courses for postgraduate degrees, the student must pass an IELTS or TOEFL in English, as well as complete the undergraduate study in a social science-related field.