The career opportunities for graduates of international law 

Today, the world has become a group of large and small entities and companies with common interests and interconnected relationships, and with the increasing work of these institutions and companies at the international level, the importance of international lawyers with deep and profound knowledge is growing in detail International laws and treaties, international lawyers have a significant and influential role in the work of companies and their engagements with each other to ensure the rights of all parties.

All Governments, institutions and human rights organizations are now aware of the necessity and importance of a legal specialist in international law among their staff, and the shipping and unloading industries need international lawyers specializing in international law as well as in the laws of individual States, so international lawyers are most Their work is with clients and foreign citizens and they are exposed to dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.

The graduate of international law, which creates a distinctive career experience after graduating, is the superior graduate in his academic studies as well as being equipped with analytical and research skills and writing skills, as well as the knowledge of different legal systems in the world as well as his familiarity with cultural backgrounds and prevailing customs. With the laws in every community of societies that he is supposed to deal with.

On these grounds, business owners and companies choose international lawyers to work with them, and it is preferable that a graduate of international law be proficient in at least one foreign language and have experience in working in international environments, and most of the languages required in this field are Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.

International law graduates are numerous, and international law specialists can work in private legal institutions, in legal consultancy offices and companies, or in international arbitration and intellectual property fields. International law specialists can also work in non-governmental institutions and human rights institutions working in refugee affairs and in the hot spots of the world.

Most experienced graduates of international law begin career research in the legal institutions of the United Nations and other international institutions that work in many areas and give their staff practical experience. Working with non-governmental organizations and voluntary organizations is also a good way to build meaningful future relationships with international organizations, in addition to working with international trade and shipping companies that offer good job opportunities to international lawyers.