Here's a list of the top 10 books to prepare you for the postgraduate admission test and get the highest scores.

The official guide to preparing for the test of admission to postgraduate studies

This book was prepared by the test designers themselves and is an indispensable book in the preparation phase of the exam. The book provides an overview of the test followed by 907 questions from the tests. There are also 50 questions about logic available online for further training. It is also the only book that offers real questions from acceptance tests.  

Manhattan's complete strategic guide to preparing for the postgraduate admission test

This book provides good strategies and action plans to pass the acceptance test. It guarantees 10 excellent books such as the map of MSG in algebra, fractions, ratios, decimal fractions, geometry, monetary reasoning, sentence correction, integrated logic and Essay writing, language problems. The book also provides online references as well as 1000 questions and answers. This is the best comprehensive book on testing.

Complete Guide to the test of admission to postgraduate studies – 12 books (various series of numbers)

This course is based on the absence of a trainer and therefore is based on the approach between 12 books including arithmetic, Fundamentals of logic, monetary reasoning, correction of sentences, algebra, adequacy of information, advanced language strategies, advanced language problems, evaluation of analytical writing and overall logic, statistics and Compatibility.

Kaplan Book 2014 to prepare for the postgraduate admission Test and 6 training tests

This book will give you a good introduction to the test and will help you identify the test components and the order of the questions and their mechanics. The book offers Tests in language, mathematics and integrated logic. The book has 6 tests, of which 5 are on the Internet and only one in the same book. The book also has instructional videos and an electronic version of the book that can be available on your iPad, smart phones and computers.

 Acceptance Test Map for postgraduate studies: expert advice for test day

This book provides you with an introduction and a definition of admission tests for postgraduate studies and all that is required to get the highest scores. This book comes in the foreground when talking about books to help with the tests. Starting with tips for memory, time management and even the best diet to follow when preparing for the test, this book gives you a complete setup experience. The book provides 6 tests on the computer and tips to deal with each question you will face in the test.

The best book in the preparation of acceptance tests for postgraduate studies in monetary reasoning

As it appears from the name of the book, this book specializes in monetary reasoning and is the best book in its field. This book was written by a former trainer for the law school Admissions test. The instructions in the book are easy to follow. The author section questions critical logic to parts and then provides the appropriate techniques that enable you to answer each part. The book does not provide any training questions, but it remains the best in monetary reasoning.

Guide to complete preparation in mathematics

This book is best in mathematics when preparing for the test. The book presents a number of mathematical issues and the best way to answer them. It contains more than 300 mathematical issues and 500 others away from the acceptance tests for postgraduate studies. It also offers an endless number of tips and detailed coverage for all sorts of questions.

Advanced Guide in Quantum

This book is an intensive study that enables you to pass the quantitative part of the test. This section is intended to improve the performance of those who exceed 70% in this department. Its chapters cover multiple topics such as problem-solving tactics, typical questions, mixed problems, and information adequacy strategies. The final chapter of the book presents 150 questions in this field.

The best book to pass oral exams

This book is the perfect choice for those who wish to be proficient in the oral part of the test. It offers excellent tips for getting the highest score including 125 questions and 85 exercises. These exercises are designed to help students pass oral testing easily.

Kaplan Oral Guide

This book is a comprehensive guide to oral testing in admission exams. It provides valuable and effective tips for passing the test as well as a grammar guide and also provides sample training questions.

Now you have a general idea of what you are looking for from books and references. You can choose from what suits you and start preparing for the test with confidence.