Field Engineering has become intertwined in most areas of life, and getting a degree in engineering is an opportunity to specialize in a field of study always there is a demand for it, engineering is an area that is growing especially with the control of technology on many aspects of our daily lives, when thinking about studying engineering many students They are puzzled about the engineering field they should study, so in this article we tried to shed light on the most common and prevalent engineering areas among students.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering is the branch of engineering that specializes in the construction and construction of important buildings such as dams, power plants, roads and bridges, as well as water networks and sewage networks, all of these areas require the study of civil engineering.

The mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering plays an important role in ensuring safety and security, and mechanical engineering mainly deals with machinery and machinery. For example, some products and manufacturing processes that enter mechanical engineering in their work, such as engines and control systems, vehicles and aircraft, power generation machines, and medical devices. In addition to air conditioners and sports equipment.

In short, mechanical engineering enters into the work of any device that uses or produces any form of energy, and the mechanics Engineer is competent to design and produce those products.

Engineering Management

Engineering management is an area that focuses on the application of engineering principles in effective planning and engineering manufacturing processes in manufacturing processes. Engineering management is simply a specialized business that qualifies engineers to successfully carry out engineering projects.

Engineering managers are the people who are able to apply the engineering principles in the projects in a practical way.

Ironing Engineering

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that cares about the work and design of chemical processes, the functioning and functioning of chemical reaction to solve chemical practical problems and the production of useful chemical products. In short, chemical engineering is applied chemistry, and it is concerned with the ways in which raw materials change to become useful commercial products. Chemical engineers are responsible for the preparation and operation of chemical reactions and processes involved in the production process of a particular commodity, transforming and altering its form into the appropriate form of consumption.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electronic and electrical engineering is the broadest and most dynamic engineering area, which is an engineering field that deals with study and application with electrical sciences, electronics, and electromagnetism. Electrical and electronic engineers are engaged in developing, testing and supervising the manufacture of electrical and electronic devices. These devices and products are broadcasting and communication systems, lighting systems in buildings and vehicles, navigation terminals, power generation devices, etc.

The different fields of engineering are found in most of the international universities abroad and also inside, and the student who specializes in one of the above engineering fields is not concerned about post-study employment, and those engineering fields are the most popular engineering areas among students.