Public Relations Specialization

Public relations are a common area of study among students, as well as between companies as a major branch of the Department of Labor; a degree in public relations is one of the most versatile qualifications available. Almost every international company or large organization has a department dedicated to public relations, branding and marketing.

Public relations are commonly referred to as the process of controlling the public image of the institution among other institutions in the field of employment, including non-profit institutions, consumer business enterprises and government institutions.

This subject is aimed at developing practical and professional skills, as well as preparing students to work in the public relations sector. If you are considering public relations, it is important to understand their role in society and their relationship to the current media as well as to develop your analytical thinking in the field of media.

Course Content

The content of the course is a combination of practical and theoretical study. Practical studies include public relations skills such as campaigns or press conferences, as well as some academic studies.
Usually there are only a few days to study in a week, and usually there are no exams during that study (except for some studies that may include optional models).

The study content is designed to encourage students to work individually or collectively outside the classroom. Students are therefore expected to demonstrate a good understanding of basic academic principles in individual and group practical projects, such as writing articles and lectures.
Most universities focus on practical experience during the course, so they can enroll students with a paid or unpaid job as part of the course.

Enrollment Requirements

Admission requirements are entirely dependent on the University of your choice, but the conditions are usually as follows:
240 (CCC) – 300 (BBB) Ucas of tariff points equivalent to levels 3-A.
Experience in a PR-related field will be useful such as:
Business studies, media studies, sociology and communication.
If English is not your first language, you will need to pass the IELTS test by 6.5 or higher as usually requested and again depending on the requirements of each university.

Functional options

In this field, universities have strong connections with the corporate public relations sectors. The study lectures involve speakers from these companies and often invite students to the corporate public relations sectors in order to obtain practical experience.

Graduates usually go to work in the UK's higher public relations agencies or internationally, and the study involves skills they learn in where we also find other areas that can be widely used as relevant to the same field of study, such as journalism and media. And law and policy. This shows the growing number of deputies and politicians who came from the background of public relations. (Prime Minister David Cameron is a good example.)

Financing options

Annual tuition fees with a full day school for international students about £10,000 there are a number of funding options and financial assistance available. Please note that some of these options may not .apply to non-EU student


There is a wide range of scholarships available. There may be some limitations, but usually if your academic performance is academically good, the university or other organizations offer you a .financial reward

Student loans

This is one of the easily available financing options when registering. To get it depends on the  standards of each university. Most likely non-EU students are not eligible

Other information

Some universities require an enrollment interview, so applicants are strongly advised to prepare. You may also be asked to view your CV.

If you pay tuition for a whole year early (usually before the end of August), you probably get a 10% discount.

As you know, modern technological development has to be a good friend with many sites such as Facebook, Twitter, because this topic will often come in lectures.

The following are some of the universities that offer study programs in the field of public relations
  • University of Houston
  • Jalawi University
  • University of South Sydney