The Department of Production Engineering is one of the most comprehensive and expanding engineering disciplines, because it is mainly based on different engineering bases from all other disciplines, primarily aimed at the production and design of mechanical systems, and the development and improvement of production, service and arbitrariness.

The department is one of the most important departments that are always required to keep up with the scientific, industrial and administrative systems to follow all areas, whether with regard to manufacturing, measurements, quality, light, medium and heavy engineering applications.

Course Content:

Production engineering includes the study of many technical, technological, design and administrative aspects, related to various industries. Of which:
  • Machinery and Machinery design
  • Dynamics, vibration and movement sciences
  • Metal forming, welding, rolling and forging operations
  • Metal cutting and machining methods and automatic machine control
  • Precise Dimensions Measurement
  • Statistical control methods in quality, and overall quality theories
  • Control of the management of its industrial facilities
  • For industrial security and industrial health
  • Plant planning

And many other materials related to this field.

Career Opportunities:

The Department of Production Engineering is working to graduate engineers who have the capacity to contribute in almost all industries, because of this specialization of the hand in all fields of industrial, research and applied.. One of its most important roles is:
  • Design and manufacture of products.
  • Design and follow-up of production lines and process planning.
  • Conduct feasibility studies.
  • Perform tests, tests and measurements.
  • Implementation and follow-up of engineering projects.
  • Application of different quality system in institutions and bodies.
  • Inspection of the extent to which implementation steps are being followed during the production phase

Along with many other functional roles, production engineers in all industries, without exception, provide them with tremendous job opportunities and a rapid career development.