Sociology study 

Have you ever thought about the basis of human behavior and the nature of identity? How do we think and how we work, how are human societies, and why are cultures and traditions so important to us?
Well, a sociology study will be considered the first step in your search for answers to all these questions!
The specialization of sociology focuses on the study of different aspects of society, ranging from different dealings between people, by looking for how the society itself is... This science refers to many of the academic studies associated with it, such as psychology, history, humanities and human behavior Science.
For these reasons, students studying for this specialization are usually placed in a wide range of research seminars on contemporary social problems, which extend to their personal status, where they can apply what they learn in their study of their living reality.

Light on the content of the study:

Sociology students deepen their studies on how to form modern societies, monitor the layers and tissues that bind them, and study other large-scale subjects of fundamental relevance to this science, such as criminology and Race sciences, among others.
  • The university degree in this specialization includes the study of some basic subjects such as:
  • Social Thinking
  • Community analysis
  • Identity and social behavior
  • Social Policy

Some universities also offer seminars linking sociology with other academic disciplines, for students interested in sociology, as a cornerstone of another study, for example:
  • Foreign languages
  • Humanities
  • Crime Sciences
  • Geography 
  • Public Information
  • Politics
  • Psychology

Study and evaluation:

As a sociology student, you will study this specialty through a range of lectures, seminars, workshops, classrooms and more. Evaluation in this specialization is usually done through a series of tests, the level of participation in the course, attendance, teamwork and the final year project.
Because this specialization adopts a wide range of theories, ideologies and theses, it is expected that the student will have a permanent link to reading books and researches related to this specialization, and depends on self-education along with academic study.

How long does it take to study this specialty?

Most students can complete a bachelor's degree in sociology between three and four years, according to the university system and the country in which they study... For example, the Bachelor's degree in this specialization in Singapore lasts for three years, compared to four years in United States universities.
The duration of the study for the specialization of sociology also depends if you have decided to join a training program between periods of study, many universities offer university degree along with training programs, through which the student can gain practical experience in areas related to sociology, as an important part of the requirements of these The study.

Admission Requirements:

Academic admission requirements vary according to the university in which the student wants to study. However, in the case of being an international student, the university will often ask you for proof of your proficiency of English speaking and writing. This guide is in the form of TOEFL or IELTS, which differs from the minimum grades required according to the type of university as well. However, it is usually:
  • 6 degrees in IELTS
  • And a 5, 50 TOEFL.

Some universities may ask the student for additional documents such as submitting a personal statement on the registration form, along with other necessary documents.

Functional options

Because of the complex subjects in this specialization, and the many skills in which they are acquired, the students of sociology find many advantages in their career path, which is absolutely necessary in many functional sectors such as:
  • Administration
  • The Radio
  • Civil service
  • Education
  • The Press
  • Non-governmental perspective
  • Social Service
  • Public relations And other functions