Accounting and financial management

Each year, the United States receives an increasing number of international students coming to study accounting, financial management and related disciplines, making accounting one of the most popular study programs among the student community.
Accounting functions involve the analysis and use of financial information to assess the financial position of the enterprise, which means the management of income and expenditure data and the general budget, and the accountant often focuses on the study and analysis of financial records and reports for the current year and prior years And deliver results to senior management for appropriate decision making.

Basic skills gained from the accounting study

While a student may need some basic skills in statistics, mathematics, and mathematical analysis before enrolling in an academic accounting program, spending several years studying one of the disciplines associated with financial management may help him gain some experience and skills function smoothly To enter the corporate and business world, the most prominent of these skills:
  • Handle numbers quickly and with high intuition.
  • Specialized knowledge of accounting subjects.
  • Awareness of general accounting principles.
  • Understanding of the topics related to taxation, corporate and entrepreneurship.

Admission requirements for the study of accounting and financial management

Admission requirements differ for the study of a bachelor's degree in accounting, but in general, English-speaking universities require the applicant to prove his/her abilities in English through the performance of an IELTS or TOEFL test as well as a good background in mathematics, algebra and mathematical statistics.
When it comes to postgraduate studies, most universities require the advanced "management Postgraduate Test", known as the GMAT exam, in addition to a minimum of 6.5 IELTS test for students coming from non-language-speaking countries. English.

Duration of study

The duration of the undergraduate study in one of the accounting disciplines ranges from 3 to 4 years depending on the university and the study program followed, while the Masters stage will not exceed two years, without calculating the year of study of the language or preparatory year if any.

Career prospects

According to the Pay-scale website, the average annual salary as an accountant in the United States exceeds $49, a figure that may reach $71 thousand after a few years of experience, and this statistic varies depending on the academic certificate, country and specialization.
He highlighted career options for an academic diploma in an accounting discipline.
Accountant: A person who is fully qualified to conduct accounting activities, and whose work involves the performance of a range of tasks including financial Systems management, budgets, financial advice, financial audits, customer communication, and financial risk management.
  • Auditor: The main task of the financial audit of the facility is to ensure the validity and legality of its records, through the analysis of financial statements, the examination of financial control systems, the conduct of risk analysis and the submission of financial reports with recommendations to improve the financial performance of the organization or facility.

There are two types of auditors, the internal auditor whose functions are confined to the internal environment of the facility, and the External Auditor who deals with the IRS and government agencies.
  • Assistant Accountant: The Assistant accountant provides the necessary administrative support to the accountant or financial manager, and has many tasks such as bookkeeping, preparation of financial receipts, cash management, credit control, and financial auditing.

Top 10 universities to study accounting disciplines

According to the annual list issued by QS specialized in higher education, these are the top 10 universities to study accounting and Related financial disciplines:
  1. Harvard Harvard University, United States
  2. MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
  3. Stanford University, Stanford, United States
  4. Oxford University of Oxford, UK
  5. London School of Economics and political science, Britain
  6. University of Pennsylvania, United States
  7. University of Chicago, United States
  8. UC Berkeley University of California, Berkeley, United States
  9. Cambridge University of Cambridge, UK
  10. NYU New York University, United States