Architecture, Construction and planning 

Architecture, construction and planning are designed in the art, design and engineering of installations, where the main functions of the architect are to design buildings and structures with the aesthetic design and spatial functions in mind, although the architect has advanced knowledge of structural mechanics However, its primary focus is above all on shape, appearance and design functions.
Architects usually use a more creative approach to designing buildings and structures, relying on their vision and design capabilities, and even though they are adhering to the principles of mathematics and scientific methodologies in designs and drawings, but their attention to aesthetic nature is no less than their interest Mathematical calculations.

Duration of study and admission requirements

The duration of obtaining a bachelor's degree in architecture, construction and planning is usually up to 3 or 4 years, and the admission requirements vary by university and specialization, but in general universities require applicants to prove their abilities in the engineering drawing through special exams conducted by the university, and students Foreigners who want to study at an English-speaking university are required to receive a minimum of 6 IELTS English Proficiency test.

Subprograms for the specialization of architecture, construction and planning
Starting from the second year of study, students can choose one of a wide range of sub-courses and study it in a more specialized way, the most prominent and popular among them.

Architectural Technology
Students who want to study this program must possess high skills in engineering, problem solving and attention to detail. This specialization focuses on the use of technology, including 3d graphics applications, to develop and make more intuitive building and planning methods.

Architectural Engineering
A specialty that works alongside civil engineers, where this specialization focuses on mathematics, physics and the creation of structures more than its attention to the design and aesthetic aspect of the structure.

Architectural Design
This specialty focuses on the creative aspect of architecture, construction and planning, where students take advantage of their drawing and design skills to focus on the aesthetic aspects of space, structures and buildings, and students get a chance to explore their creative abilities in creating architectural designs.

Urban Planning
This program is concerned with designing cities by finding appropriate engineering solutions to problems such as inflation, traffic crises, and infrastructure. During their studies, students usually focus on courses such as urban design and sustainable design.

Interior Architecture
This specialty is based on the understanding and development of interior spaces based on different design theories, and students learn here to employ the spaces visually based on the appropriate colors and lighting as well as the application of architectural principles in the interior design.

Career prospects
The architect can work in a wide range of sectors, and this varies according to the specialization he studied in advance, the most prominent of these professions.

Architectural Planning
As an architectural planner, you can work in civil or environmental planning, for example, whose tasks are related to addressing climate-related issues, promoting energy efficiency, solving infrastructure problems, and focusing on areas and exploiting them in the most appropriate way.

Landscape Architecture
The specialist in this field focuses on the planning, design and management of outdoor vacuum, and the landscape architect can participate in the construction of projects such as wind power farms and parking.

Lighting Engineering
The lighting engineer is interested in improving the experience of using light and making it more sustainable and exploited in different environments.

Furniture Designing
The furniture designer takes into account the interior architecture of the building in the design of furniture suitable for color and lighting.

Top 10 universities to study architecture, construction and planning

The top 10 universities to study disciplines related to architecture in 2017 are as follows.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  2. College London University, UK 
  3. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
  4. UC Berkeley, USA
  5. Zurich Institute of Technology, Switzerland
  6. Manchester College of Architecture, UK
  7. Harvard University, USA
  8. University of Cambridge, UK
  9. National University of Singapore, Singapore
  10. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong