Computer Science and information technology

The degree of computer science and information technology has become one of the most popular disciplines among students, and in short this specialization relies on a systematic study on the use of computing according to specific algorithms and protocols in the processing and storage of information, and some universities and higher education institutions can Use the term Computer Sciences & Information Technology as a comprehensive address to cover the various academic and professional certifications that are interested in dealing with computing and it.

Admission Requirements

It colleges usually require applicants to have a good background in mathematics and physics, and it is also advisable that candidates have a good knowledge of some of the least difficult programming languages such as Java, Pascal, C++, which may be viewed positively.
For international students studying in Britain or an English-speaking country, proving their ability in English is one of the prerequisites for university admissions, with a minimum score of 6.5 IELTS test.

Top Information Technology Majors

While studying at the Faculty of Information Technology, the student is in front of a wide range of more specialized options and courses such as advanced programming, industrial intelligence, software engineering, networking, information security, and more. The most prominent and popular of these programs are:
  • Programming language theory: Programming is a multidisciplinary topic whose study is based on mathematical literacy, which involves the design, implementation, analysis and characterization of different programming languages and knowledge of their connotations, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Computer Graphics: This specialty relies on dealing with visual and engineering information using software and specialized graphics devices. During the study period the student will follow materials such as matrices and data storage.
  • Artificial Intelligence: This area is primarily based on the use of computers algorithms to solve problems, make decisions, adapt and communicate, and the student is studying here the use of programming systems and scripting languages to develop specific behaviors in machines and smart devices.
  • Algorithms and ALGORITHMS and data structures: This program includes learning how to store and manipulate data as efficiently as possible, and the student in this program examines things like data analysis, graphs, and algorithm analysis.

Career prospects

The average wages and salaries as a computer engineer in the United States start from about $58 thousand dollars a year as a novice, while experts of them receive annual salaries of up to $127 thousand dollars, and Google is considered the highest companies pay salaries in the field of information technology where the average income of its engineers is 124 thousand Dollars a year is 21% higher than the average income of IT engineers in the United States, and a large Google engineer can earn more than 285 thousand dollars a year.
In general, an academic degree in computer science can work in a wide range of jobs in the technology sector, the most prominent of which are the most popular jobs.
  • IT consultant: It adviser provides advice on the planning, design, installation and use of IT systems to achieve the client's objectives, and its main task is to improve the efficiency of information systems and overcome their problems.
  • Information Systems Manager: a role in overseeing the client's software and information systems and ensuring their effective performance, providing safe access to all users and keeping data away from cyber attacks.
  • Database administrator: It is responsible for the leadership and development of databases, and its role involves ensuring that the data remains consistent, clear, secure, and easily accessible, in addition to coordinating with programmers about troubleshooting databases.

Top 10 universities to study computer science and information technology

Universities and higher education institutions are working to provide the best possible options for information technology, the top 10 of which are in accordance with the latest bulletin issued by the QS specialized Higher education website:
  1. MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
  2. Stanford University, Stanford, United States
  3. Carnegie Mellon Carnegie Mellon University, United States
  4. UC Berkeley University of California, Berkeley, United States
  5. Cambridge University of Cambridge, UK
  6. Harvard Harvard University, United States
  7. Oxford University of Oxford, UK
  8. Princeton Princeton University, United States
  9. Zurich Institute of Technology ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  10. National University of Singapore