Creative Arts and Design

Creative Arts and design is a general term covering all courses that allow the student to express their talents including art, photography, film-making, fashion, acting, etc. Such courses are very popular among students who want to develop their talents and invest them in creating a money-generating profession.

Major creative Arts and design specialties

The disciplines of this field can be divided into two parts, the first of which is concerned with the history of the arts and their origins and development in general, while the second section focuses on specific technical disciplines, the following are the most important disciplines of creative arts offered by universities to their students.

History of Art

One of the most traditional art courses offered by universities, and interested in exploring artworks produced in different cultures during several periods of time, the student trains during his studies to analyze artifacts and determine their artistic, social and historical importance.
During the course of his studies, a student can choose to specialize in a particular area or culture or within a specific period of time, or focus on the relationship of art to society, economics or politics.

Fine Arts

This specialization usually combines theoretical and practical aspects, providing students with all the necessary elements to develop their own skills and works of art, and the student may choose to focus on one or several sub-specialties such as sculpture, photography, films, cartoons Mobile, porcelain industry, etc.
The student can also choose a course that focuses on specific schools or techniques such as Asian art or European art.


As an academic degree, the design is closely linked to fine arts and includes topics such as fashion design, textile design, graphic design, advertising design, decoration engineering, and architecture.
The student can enroll in a study program specializing in a design topic or one of the most general design programs, in both cases the student acquires a range of scientific skills and technical knowledge.

Digital Arts

In addition to the traditional academic tracks, a series of courses have emerged in the past few years in response to the impact of modern technology that has generated new types of artistic creation, and large numbers of universities offer courses and courses in imaging Photographic, animation, web design.

Duration of study and admission requirements

The duration of an art specialization varies depending on the country and the institution, while this period is not more than 3 years in the universities of Britain, but you need to study 4 years at one of the American universities before acquiring a bachelor's degree in arts.
Most art faculties in the world require applicants to demonstrate their talents and skills in certain artistic fields, as well as to have interest and passion in this area.

Career prospects

The Art of Creative Arts is linked to a wide range of professions and occupations, including what is closely linked to the arts, some of which are somewhat distant, the most prominent of which are the following.

Fine artist
One of the competitive fields, and before you become a visual artist who is able to easily showcase and sell your artwork, it takes a lot of effort, creativity and self-development, which pushes some junior artists to work part-time or college as a teacher of art or Studio Assistant.

Heritage Manager
This profession is suitable for those who have studied the history of art and have acquired the skills necessary to develop historical buildings, monuments and museums and to balance the preservation of their identity and investment in the tourism sector.

A specialist in the animation industry must integrate his technical skills with his expertise in technology to create specific visual effects, and because this specialty is one of the most competitive areas many animators resort to specialize more in this field by getting a degree Master.

Top 10 universities to study creative arts and design

According to QS, which specializes in higher learning, American universities are generally considered to be among the best choices for students when it comes to studying creative arts or related disciplines, which is evident in the brochure revealed.
  • Royal College of Art, UK
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology-mit, America
  • Parsons School of Design at the New School, USA
  • Rhode Island School of DESIGN-RISD, USA
  • Pratt Institute, USA
  • University of the Arts London, UK
  • Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago-saic, America
  • California Institute of the Arts, America
  • Stanford University, USA