Education and training majors in America

If you are interested in studying the science of Education at an American university, you can see this comprehensive article on the details of this specialty and the requirements for its introduction, and the most important universities that give you degrees in one of the departments of education that you will be passionate about joining.
Joining this specialty helps you to be an inspiring teacher for your students, mentor and role models, and the first step you take on a study trip in America is to make the exact choice of the specialization or department you will be able to innovate at the academic level, and there are four categories in terms of education specialization. Training in America is:
  • Early childhood Education (ECD).
  • Primary education.
  • Secondary education.
  • Adult.

Each category needs different skills, so international students must choose one before obtaining the certificate.  

Education and Training Specialties

International students at American universities specialize in one of the following sections of the Education Science specialty:
  1. Teaching.
  2. The Department of Education.
  3. Special education.
  4. Primary education.
  5. Secondary education.
  6. General education.
  7. Early childhood Education (ECD).
  8. Educational leadership.
  9. Education Research.
  10. Education technology.
  11. Teaching pedagogy.
  12. Adult.
  13. Teacher training.

The advantages of studying education and training in America

The study in America generally has a lot of advantages at the professional, personal and social level, and the study of the Science of Education in America takes four years except the founding year, and its most important advantages are the following:
  • International students receive good vocational training opportunities with students at different stages of education, and receive adequate training on teaching programs, lesson planning, etc.
  • Students will learn different types of teaching environments, multiple skills and useful in the learning environment.
  • The study at American universities gives you an internationally recognized and accredited academic degree, and some of these universities offer career opportunities during months of graduation.
  • Education students in America have gainful employment opportunities, often amounting to 80000 USD, based on the work area and teaching experience.

Career prospects for learners of this specialty

Education graduates are the same to choose from many career paths with enormous social and physical characteristics, where they can work in public and private schools, and educational institutions of all kinds throughout the world.

Conditions of admission and duration of study for the specialization of education and training

The period of study in the specialization of education and vocational training in American universities lasts for four years except for the foundation year, and is required to obtain a university admission to this specialty:
  • Students have specific grades at the secondary level in certain subjects related to specialization.
  • For postgraduate studies, the student is required to have a high academic appreciation at the undergraduate level.
  • Obtain the required degree in the International English language test specified by the university such as ILETS or TOEFL. Etc.
  • The student who chooses to study in America in the field of education should attend the theoretical lectures and practical exercises.

The most important American partner universities for Anto in America

The following is a list of the most important partner universities in the American Center, which gives students distinctive opportunities in terms of theoretical learning and vocational training in the field of education sciences:
  • George Mason University
  • University of South Florida
  • Washington State University
  • Oregon State University
  • University of St. Louis
  • Suffolk University
  • University of Alabama in Birmingham
  • Illinois State University
  • Marshall University
  • Colorado State University
  • University of Drew