Education and Training

Education is one of the most noble and respected professions in society, and like all professions, a teacher or trainer must possess a lot of skills to help him perform his duties, which involves educating children and teenagers or training students with advanced levels.
Although they are considered a financially rewarding profession, many teachers are exposed to pressures from dealing with people of growing age and personal composition.

What is the specialization of education and training?

One of the study programs designed to prepare students for work in the education sector, and the disciplines associated with education & training are often based on a theoretical basis based on the analysis of past and current educational systems, the aim of which is ultimately to improve Develop the entire educational process and adopt the best possible school structure for students.

Admission requirements and duration of study

Admission requirements vary according to the university and the program, but some universities in this field may ask candidates to have some skills related to the basics of education, and universities that offer their programs in English require candidates
Foreigners prove their skills in English through the performance of an IELTS or TOEFL test.
The period of earning a bachelor's degree is between 3 and 4 years, while the master's degree does not take more than two years, as this period varies depending on the university.

Specialties available

Students of education and training programs during their studies can enroll in one of the many specialties available to them, the most prominent of which are:

Primary Education
Primary school is the most important stage in the preparation of the psychological and social development of children, and thus the teacher in elementary schools is the primary responsible for these help students to successfully overcome this age period.
In addition to studying the professional aspects of education, the degree of basic education provides the student in this specialization with theoretical and practical experience of the methods of educating children at an early age.

Education Studies
This specialization examines such matters as psychology, sociology, and the history of education. It provides students with a clearer picture of the educational process and helps them build their administrative and research capacities to later exploit them in the development of education systems.

Special Education
This specialization is concerned with training teachers to deal with children and students with special needs, and is considered a financially rewarding discipline due to the lack of teachers interested in specialization in this field.

Career prospects

The Bachelor's degree in education and training programs prepares students to work as teachers in primary and secondary schools, but they have a lot of skills and experience that allow them to work in many other areas far from teaching and associated with the education and training sector, including 

The librarian works in public, university, national, school and information centers, with the main functions of selecting and organizing print and electronic resources and directing the patrons of the library to use those resources effectively.
Candidates for this profession are usually required to obtain a master's degree in library science, in addition to a bachelor's degree in training and education.

Instructional Coordinator
A good choice for those interested in developing curriculum and school systems, helping educators develop new technologies and strategies.
This profession requires candidates to have a masters degree in curriculum development along with a bachelor's degree in one of the disciplines of education and training.

Training and Development Specialist
The specialist's profession involves designing and implementing training programs for corporate employees, where the company's training and development manager oversees the company's employees and develops programs to improve their skills and increase their productivity in accordance with the company's plans and strategies.

Top 10 universities to study education and training

Due to the growing interest in the education sector in most countries, universities are constantly competing for the provision of advanced courses for teachers, and according to the QS site specializing in higher education, the best universities to study education and training are as follows:
UCL-University College London, UK
Harvard University, USA
Stanford University, USA
University of Cambridge, UK
The University of Melbourne, Australia
University of Oxford, UK
The University of Hong Kong
University of California, Berkeley, USA
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
University of Toronto, Canada