Management Specialties at Roehampton University

The study of the specialization of business management is aimed at mastering the skills of different types of management in the field of business, and the study qualifies its graduates to work in different areas of financial management, human resources management, marketing management, procurement management, etc. Other students want to complete their academic studies in this field, obtain higher qualifications, and work in the academic field.

If you choose to study in Britain in one of the areas of business administration, you will ensure a distinguished academic life, especially at the University of Roehampton, which was founded in the 19th century, in southwest London, where students from more than 140 different countries are enrolled.

Why study in Roehampton?

Founded in 1841, the University of Roehampton is comprised of four faculties: the Destupid Stewart College, the Froebel College, the South-lands College and the White Lands College, and many who want to study in Britain prefer to enroll in one of the university's Business administration areas for the following reasons:
  • It provides its students with a unique educational system, as well as providing various types of student support that is care-giving and offering many opportunities to compete in sports and other activities.
  • The university has a number of facilities with modern equipment, such as a library of hundreds of thousands of books, and a special center for medical Services.
  • The university provides its students with full support in providing jobs.
  • The university relies on its various programs and courses to provide its students with basic recruitment skills, such as CV design and personal interviews.

Introduction to the study of the preparatory year in the specialization of business Administration at the University

The study in Britain is generally an exciting experience for students, and many universities allow the study of the preparatory year for any specialization they wish to attend, which facilitates the acquisition of university admissions, and is a good opportunity to master the English language skills and learn different academic skills such as scientific research and ways Passing exams, enhancing the student's abilities to continue studying, this as well as integrating into life with the British community, and making new friends.

The study period in the preparatory year is one year in which students study from 3 to 4 subjects in the specialization of business Administration with the study of English language skills.
You can start with a study of the preparatory year in order to continue studying the specialization of business administration and to recognize the dates of submission for the management specialties at the University of Roehampton, by the application of the official website of the league, where applications are submitted by the deadline of 15 January.

Introduction dates for the study of Management specialties at Roehampton University

If you would like to study a business administration specialty, you can see the dates of submission available for 2019 on the university website, where lessons will begin effectively on September 23, 2019.

Management Specialties at Roehampton University

Roehampton University offers a number of programs and courses in the fields of business management including:
  • Of accounting.
  • Business Administration.
  • Business Administration and Economics.
  • Business and entrepreneurship management.
  • Business management and Finance.
  • Business management and marketing.
  • Human resources management.
  • International business.
  • International business and Finance.
  • Marketing communications.
Studying in Britain at the University of Roehampton is a great experience and a great opportunity to make a bright future, both in business management and in any other field, where you are taught by experienced academics who are passionate about what they offer in the classroom, will develop your skills, become more confident in your abilities, and are ready To continue working in your chosen domain.