Mathematics is one of the sciences that you can study and acquire a huge variety of skills and different fields, and in general the UK receives hundreds of thousands of students every year, thanks to the qualities of its higher education institutions that deserve to make it within Preferred study destinations for international students.

Why study in Britain?

Did you know that studying in Britain has a number of factors that qualify it as the first destination for hundreds of thousands of international students, including:
  • Providing world class education.
  • Provide a suitable environment for accommodation and living.
  • The existence of prestigious universities, where the British university is among the best universities in the world.
  • University research with a strong reputation worldwide.
  • Obtain certificates and qualifications recognized by employers in different parts of the world.
  • It is a great opportunity to develop your skills, knowledge and ways of thinking and enhance your career.
  • Provides a diverse social life and new cultures.
  • More than 50,000 courses are taught in various disciplines, including mathematics.
  • Studying in Britain is generally shorter than other countries, helping to reduce tuition, as you can work during the study.

Study of the specialization of mathematics in Britain

Students at the British University study a wide range of skills related to the field of mathematics, including applied mathematics, Pure mathematics, financial mathematics and statistics, and other materials needed by mathematicians.
This specialization is one of the most used in human life on a daily basis since antiquity, where it overlaps in various aspects of the dealings, so we find a scholar who has excelled in it from ancient scholars who developed from his theories, to contribute to meet many of the human needs on the face of the earth. 

Math Learners Careers

Mathematics graduates from the British university can work in various fields, including:
Of accounting.
  • Teaching.
  • Banking services.
  • Financial risk.
  • Investment analysis and statistics.
  • Analytical and organizational skills.

The best universities that teach mathematics

According to the Guardian Guide for universities, the top 10 UK universities in mathematics teaching in 2019 are:
  • University of Oxford.
  • University of St. Andrews.
  • University of Cambridge.
  • Warwick University.
  • Lancaster University.
  • University of Greenwich.
  • Durham University.
  • University of Liverpool John Morse.
  • Central Lancashire University.
  • Imperial University.
As for the tuition fees for the study of mathematics, it is about £ 9250, which is less than the study of the same specialization in other developed countries such as the United States of America and most countries of Europe, however you can check the tuition fees for each university by entering Its official website.