Nutrition and Psychology specialties at Rohampton University 

It is useful to study the specialty of nutrition and specialization of psychology and to obtain a certified and universally recognized certificate from the University of Roehampton in Britain, where some international students prefer to join it for many reasons.

The University of Roehampton is composed of four colleges, the first College of which was founded in 1841, and is attended by more than 10,000 students, who prefer to study it for the following reasons:
  • University facilities that create a unique learning environment, enjoyed by all students who choose to study in Britain as their ideal destination.
  • In Roehampton, a library of about 350,000 books except for a wide range of eBooks, there is also a specialized center for providing online medical services, as well as having specialized care staff for each University College.
  • Learners in the specialty of nutrition, psychology or other fields receive support from the university to assist them in the recruitment process, and to obtain job opportunities during the study.
  • University learners can join the career guidance system, a system that allows them to communicate with university graduates who have extensive experience.
  • Provide programs designed to provide students with functional skills, such as the Career-link program, which provides online services in guiding students to certain functional skills, such as creating a CV and successfully passing job interviews.

Introduction dates for the study of the specialty of nutrition and the specialization of psychology at the University of Roehampton

Before starting a study trip in Britain, students need to attend the preparatory year, the importance of which is as follows:
  • Receive University admission to complete the study in the chosen specialty.
  • Learn skills related to academic practices such as conducting scientific research.
  • Mastering English language skills.
  • Integration into British life.
  • In the preparatory year, three to four subjects are taught about the specialty chosen by the student, as well as the English language material.

You can apply for the study of the preparatory year by filling out the online application form by January 15, and it will be:
Study dates in the first semester May 31.
Study dates in the second semester 31 October.

Nutrition and Psychology specialties at Roehampton University

The University of Roehampton offers its students degrees in various grades in the specialty of nutrition, specialization of psychology among the courses available in the specialty of nutrition:
  • Postgraduate degree in clinical Nutrition.
  • Postgraduate degree of nutritional disorders and metabolism.
  • Bachelor's degree in nutrition and health, a course approved by the Nutrition Society.
  • Nutrition and sanitation.
  • Nutrition and diet analysis.
  • Nutrition and health.

As for the disciplines of psychology study, among them are:
  • Bachelor's degree in sports psychology.
  • Bachelor's degree in therapeutic psychology.
  • Postgraduate degree in consultant Psychology, which is accredited by the Council of Health Professions and care (HCPC) and the British Psychiatric Association (BPS).
  • Ph.D. practitioner in instructional psychology, certified by the Health and Welfare Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Psychiatric Association (BPS).
  • Postgraduate degree in forensic Psychology study.
  • Bachelor's degree in psychology.
  • Postgraduate degree in sports and training sciences.

In general, the importance of studying psychology in Roehampton is due to the fact that students in this field can easily communicate and participate with the lecturers ' research.
If you want to study in Britain, especially the specialty of nutrition or psychology at Roehampton University, just enter the university's official website and search for your application.