Studying law in America 

The degree of law has always been one of the most popular disciplines and courses for international students, and the Bachelor's degree in Law specialization is the first step to work in the legal sector, and this step is often followed by further study and training. Before he became qualified as a lawyer.
Legal studies are involved in almost all spheres of life and directly affect issues related to business, trade, economics, politics, the environment, human rights and international relations, and as an academic degree person in a law-related discipline, you can rationally deal with Issues and forms that may seem complex to others.

Key disciplines of the law

The degree of law covers a variety of subjects and materials that together form a strong foundation for lawyers and legal professionals, and law students can choose one of a wide range of disciplines during their studies, the most prominent of which are.

Criminal law: This specialization examines various aspects of criminal or crime laws, and during this period the student will study the theory of criminal law, restorative justice, criminal justice, world crime problems, criminal laws, death sentences, and terrorism cases.

Property law: Also known as land laws, is the legal domain for real property, where this law is concerned with issues such as mortgages, tenancy rights, obligations, property laws, and building codes.

Intellectual Property Law: deals with a different type of ownership such as intangible assets including mental creations such as literary, musical and artistic works, as well as discoveries and inventions. This specialization focuses on dealing with issues affecting intellectual property laws, trademark protection, patents and copyrights.

Commercial law: A set of laws and regulations governing the contracts, conduct and rights of persons and companies operating in different commercial sectors, and is considered as part of the civil (non-criminal) law, including the knowledge of all legal matters relating to the organization of commercial contracts Taxation, bankruptcy and financial market transactions.

Family law: It is one of the legal areas related to household affairs and focuses on the transactions of divorce, marriage, civil partnership, children's Rights and adoption, and is used to resolve family disputes including inheritance and child custody issues.
Other disciplines offered by law faculties include: Islamic transactions, immigration laws, and international law.

Duration of study:

The duration of the law study varies according to the country of study, but in general the period of obtaining a bachelor's degree in rights may take from 4 to 5 years full-time, while the duration of the Master of Law study may extend for two years, without calculating the year of study of the language or preparatory year, if any.
Admission requirements do not differ significantly from the rest of the colleges, as the applicant will be required to prove his ability in English through the performance of a TOEFL or IELTS test plus a good high school rate that reflects his ability to study one of the most challenging disciplines.

Career prospects

In order to move forward in the legal field, many graduates of the law disciplines choose to start the training phase immediately after the completion of the undergraduate degree, and the type of training required varies depending on the country of study and the type of legal profession the trainee is looking for, and the following are the main professions .
Advocate: Counsel provides legal advice to his clients and represents them if necessary before courts and tribunals, and counsel is often competent in a particular area of legal matters such as criminal law, commercial law, etc.
Solicitor: Its main task is to provide legal advice and interpretation of laws governing clients who may be private or legal persons or public sector institutions.
Judge: The person who presides over the proceedings of the Court either individually or within a judicial body, and the powers and functions of the judge vary according to the judicial system of the State, and in some states the judge shares his powers with a jury.

As for salaries and wages, the New York Times noted that the annual salary of a lawyer in the United States of America could reach 160,000 US dollars, and that the country's major law firms pay their lawyers an annual salary of $115, 000, to be one of the professions Highest paid in the United States.
  • Harvard University, USA
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • Yale University, USA
  • Stanford University, USA
  • New York University, USA
  • London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE, UK
  • University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Columbia University, USA
  • University of Chicago, USA