What you want about Sport Science

Over the past few years, sport has shifted to a commercial sector with hundreds of billions of dollars and can no longer diminish the impact of sport on society and the global economy, which has led to the search for additional ways to develop athletic performance, raise fitness levels and reduce the risk Physical injuries caused by sporting activities arise so-called  "Sport Sciences " which has become one of the most popular study programs among students.

Sports science Majors

The specialization of Sport Sciences is one of the complex disciplines and is concerned with matters such as the management of sports clubs, sports marketing, physiotherapy, personal training, nutritional counseling, etc. As a university student interested in studying Sport sciences academically you will find yourself either a wide range of disciplines and sub-courses.

Sports Management
This program is viewed from a business perspective and focuses on understanding the role of the sports industry in the local economy and maximizing the physical returns of the sporting brand. During his studies, the student learns key business management skills such as marketing, accounting and organizational management, as well as understanding everything related to legal issues in the sports field.
Some students may seek to pursue their academic achievement by studying MBA to refine their management skills and apply what they learned later in the field of sports management.

Sports Physiotherapy
This specialty focuses on injuries resulting from sports, prevention, mitigation and treatment, and as a specialist in sports therapy, many physiotherapy and fitness courses will be taught.

Sport Psychology
As is clear from his name this specialty focuses on the psychological aspect of athletes, and the students of this specialty cares to study and analyze issues that may affect the performance of athletes and help them to focus and overcome anxiety and stress, which will necessarily help them improve their performance and overcome the pressures caused Sports competitions.

Sports Nutrition
Specialized Sports Nutrition courses focus on the impact of food on athletes ' concentration and physical activity, and students in this specialty study on the impact of nutrients on the health of athletes and how they employ them to develop their performance and fitness.

Duration of study and admission requirements

All subjects vary according to the educational institution, and the applicants are usually expected to demonstrate high capacity and skills in biology and psychology as well as the health fitness requirement, in addition to which universities offering their English language programs require foreign students to prove Their English skills through the performance of an IELTS or TOEFL test.
The duration of the study varies according to the university and the educational system, with a bachelor's degree period of 3 to 4 years, while the master's degree does not take more than two years.

Career prospects

The wages in this specialization vary according to specialization, academic degree and labor market, where the average wage in the United States is about $57 thousand dollars a year, and those with academic degree in Sport sciences find themselves in front of a broad professional sector, the following are the most important occupations that can be filled.
Personal Trainer
The trainers help to develop the level of fitness for athletes and provide advice and advice in the areas of nutrition and sports activity, and the fitness instructors work either for their own account or to offer group classes in gyms.
Sports Therapist
The athletic therapist helps athletes train, play safely and recover from injuries as quickly as possible, and because the athletic therapist has a broad understanding of the anatomy of the human body, he is able to perform some basic medical skills such as massage, electrotherapy and the development of rehabilitation programs for athletes.
Fitness Center Manager
The gym Manager is the main manager of sports and fitness centers, and its role involves managing financial budgets, overseeing the maintenance of sporting facilities and equipment, directing marketing campaigns and developing profitability strategies.

Top 10 universities for the study of Mathematical sciences

With the increased demand for the study of Sport sciences and related study programs, universities and various educational institutions strive to provide advanced courses in this field, and these are the top 10 universities in which you can study Sport sciences:
  • Lough borough University, United Kingdom
  • The University of Sydney, Australia
  • The University of Queensland, Australia
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of Otago, New Zealand
  • Pennsylvania state University, United States
  • University of Florida, United States
  • University of Alberta, Canada